Zhuang into the silicone industry for more than 20 years of professional experience
In view of the mainstream market, the rise of environmental issues, for the care of our planet, Zhuang into carbon reduction in the industry's demands for spare no effort.

Past, consumers have stayed at the impression silicone cosmetic medicine, cosmetic medical, but forgot the early baby pacifier is the first contact with our silicone product, its excellent toughness and ductility, soothe the baby's before bed time, follow us grow together.

Growing up, we used costumes, tableware, and people have to eat into the body's demands, tend to emphasize organic, environmental protection, no additives, everyone knows the choice of the container, but step by step into a dangerous situation, plastic containers decomposition a plasticizing agents and toxic substances, along with food imports where to eat, but to swallow the poison, so that harmful foods cause the body burden of the health hazard.

Therefore, the village developed into a series of silicone tableware products, in addition to functionality outside appearance and better use of human and convenience, welcome in the tableware manufacturers collaborate with industry to create products and research and development so that more dollars, the use of of a broader, for human health and the Earth made ​​every effort to create a better life.

Zhuang into the production of goods through continuous testing and validation, more than 20 years of experience in the industry has been a market-leading manufacturer of high-end silicone, for your health checks, extra points to your life!