Product Features

Nontoxic high quality material.

E co-friendly silicone.Utensils safety leading brand.

Silicone Features

1. Withstand temperature range 250 ℃ ~ ━ 40 ℃ and will not release toxic substances.
2. can be placed directly into a microwave oven.
3. can be used directly into the freezer.
4. can be used directly into the steamer.
5. can be used directly into the boiling water.
6. pure silicone material, non-perishable.
7. easy sticking grease and dirt.
8. by SGS.
9. translucent matte glass texture.
10. is not food residue aftertaste.


1. Do not use a steel brush cleaning
2. Keep away from sources of ignition
3. Do not use sharp objects sharp and cutting